Mickey goes to Africa

Mickey goes to Africa

Mickey goes to Africa!

Go ahead laugh all you want, but how could I not bring my childhood stuffed animal to Africa with me. Come on, have you seen toy story?!? I wouldn’t wanna miss out on this adventure if I was a stuffed animal! Even a mouse!

My friend Mickey has been to animal kingdom and seen the safaris there. But let me tell you something… There is no comparison between the fake Serengeti in Disney World and the real one in Tanzania.

Now let me back up a little bit. You see guys, it’s been a few days since I’ve last had the chance to talk to you, my adoring fans…aka Hi mom!…but I want to tell you all about my adventure last Thursday night…

You have all heard of Thirsty Thursday… So this past Thursday a bunch of volunteers had decided to go out to this night club called via via. Before going out, Jenn and I met our two friends, Julia and Phil (guys, that’s your shout out) for dinner at Mount Meru Hotel. It’s a place where all of the rich people who come on vacation here stay… It was kind of a reverse culture shock walking in there. That’s how nice it was.

After way too much food and some pombe (cough cough alcohol) we took a cab to Via Via. We listened to party in the USA about 6 times on the way there. (Way to go Miley doing good things for USAs reputation in Africa).

Now we had no idea what to expect of this place… The drop off there was a little sketchy, especially since this was our first time out at night. But once we got in, I was in awe. The place was freaking awesome!! There was a projector screen playing the World Cup. There were about three different bars and two dance floors… All outside. And the best part… The bathrooms had toilets!! ( trust me peeling in a hole is not as fun as it sounds.)

The atmosphere was a mix between a middle school dance and a frat basement. There were some locals and a lot of Wazungu. I danced to American club music… I sang a great rendition of Single Ladies on Karaoke with the help of some friends… And I had some Safari Lager! (I’ll try and sneak some through customs for you, Dad!) All in all it was a great night and for a little bit we all got to escape the world.

Now for the next adventure… Safari

This past Friday, Jenn, my friend Agnes and I set off on a three day Safari. I was both anxious and excited as we headed out at 7am.

Why anxious? Well for those of you who don’t know, I get very car sick. When I was little I used to wear these bands around my wrists that apply a pressure point that is supposed to prevent the sick feeling…. It probably is just a mental thing, but I’ve been wearing them since I’ve been here because the roads are so rough. So where were the bands when we were heading off to the Serengeti… On my bed at my home stay of course. Luckily the three days of driving on dirt and rocks going up and down hills actually didn’t bother me. So you can all take a big sigh of relief 🙂

Why excited? … Have you been paying attention?!? I went to the Serengeti!! Guys that’s one of the 8 or is it 7… Wonders of the World! Who wouldn’t be excited?!

I don’t even know how to begin to describe what I saw this weekend… There is no way that my words will do it justice. I don’t even think the 679 pictures that I took fully captivate the beauty that I saw.

The open space: so much of it…. Standing in the safari car I could do a 360 and just see land. Everything was very lion king-y. In fact I still can’t get the Circle of Life song out of my head.

The trees: were few and far between. There would be one and not another for miles.

The Tembo: aka the elephant… Were incredible. Tembo are my favorite animal in the whole world and they most have known that I was coming because we must have seen dozens. First on our way to the Serengeti, one was walking towards us on the road. According to our driver, the elephant was angry and the shaking his head all while walking towards us. Apparently since it saw us first we were it’s locked target and we had to keep backing up until it eventually went into the jungle. I should have been terrified… But I was smiling like a fool.

Simba: He was everywhere… Usually the lions were napping in the grass. We saw one lioness sneaking through the grasses trying to hunt a wildabeast. Another mail lion was posing like a model for JCrew standing about 50 feet from us staring with it’s golden brown eyes.

The Ostriches: were so weird. They creep me out.

The wildabeast: were everywhere! At one point that’s all we could see. They were actually at our campsite. All night they made this weird noise that if you ask me when you see me I will try my best to mimic because why not lol.

The zebra: are apparently bffs with the wildabeast. They were also everywhere especially along the road. I think seeing them was one of the best parts.

The cheetas: were laying in the middle of the road!! We almost hit them! Such beautiful creatures and we were so lucky we got to see them up close!

The Vice President of China: was there! I know random right? But I have a picture to prove it. I think all of the police of Tanzania were with him too.

More Tembo: okay so I’m biased towards elephants but I also have another crazy story… One during which I saw my life flash before my eyes… So Saturday afternoon we arrived at our campsite to set up our tents. (We literally camped in the middle of the park… Not guard, no fence, just us!) but unpacking the car, I saw a Tembo walk up! She was beautiful and huge!! Then her baby walked up behind her! I was in heaven… And then shit hit the fan… I swear she was staring right at me and starting walking towards me and Jenn! Jenn hid behind a tent and I ran to the side as she walked up to my sleeping bag and stepped on it, kicking it away like she was in the World Cup. She past threw and then her baby panicked! She spun around looking for her mom making that elephant noise that I can’t think of a word for! My thoughts: great, my favorite animal is going to kill me. But guess what… I lived. I know shocking. The baby found it’s mother and they continued on their journey…

Those are some of the highlights from this trip… I’d tell you more but then I’ll have nothing to talk about when I get home!! Plus this is getting too long for even me to read… For those of you who have made it this far, I’ll have something special for you when I come back!

For now, Mickey and I will continue our adventures in Tanzania… So stay tuned…


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