We found a shoprite!

We found a Shoprite!!… But it was closed. But hey we take what we can get…it was something close to home. Where In Arusha it is… I can’t tell you. Give me a week.

It has been overwhelming here! I think it took me over a week to figure out Gettysburg’s campus…let’s see how long it takes me to figure out the city of Arusha.

We live in a place called Sakina. It’s a small part of the city of Arusha. On Sunday, Manka took us to this traveling fair called Karibu. (Karibu means welcome in Swahili– see this blog is educational). Karibu was a huge fair that had a lot of different safari companies and such. It was cool to walk around and pretend like we weren’t sticking out like two sore thumbs. Still it was nice to explore.

On Monday we got an orientation of Arusha. In the morning, our manager picked us up and we started to walk to town. Then we got in a dala dala. The terrifying but cheap public transportation system of Tanzania. We were stuffed in there like sardines. We got off at the triple a night club. This means nothin to you but the more that I say landmarks the better I know them so just deal with it. Then we walked to the hospital and got a tour. (I will go in more detail about the hospital at a later date).

After the tour we walked some more and found the shoprite! By the shoprite, there were tons of European and American restaurants… And most importantly we saw Wazungu! Wazungu is the Swahili word for white people… And seeing other Wazungu is a rare occation, but when we do, I feel like I stick out a little less. Jenn and I brought clothes to make us fit in, but what were we kidding. Everywhere we go children point and about, “Wazungu!!” Sometimes I pretend they are pointing because I’m a celebrity. A lot of people try to touch my hair and hand. It’s just something we’ve got to get used to.

It’s all a part of the experience right? So far it has been a great experience though. And I am starting to get a little bit more comfortable with everything! I’m excited to start working and keep meeting more people!

Asante sana!
(Many thanks)


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